About Me and My Hair-Brained Scheme

Last year I decided to stop dieting.  After dieting for more than half my life and for my efforts ending up with various eating disorders, some borderline and at least one full-blown, as well as an additional 50 pounds or so on my body, I threw in the towel.  That was my birthday gift to myself in May, after reading a bunch of Geneen Roth books (see Resource page), and deciding that whether or not I lost weight, I needed my sanity back.  (I’ve taken to calling this “Operation Normal.” ;))

As my neuroses started fading into whispers (for the most part – ahem), I started reading about nutrition and agribusiness.  I read about food supplies and different levels of vitamins and minerals in pastured meat vs. conventional meat.  I read about corn production, dairy production, everything I could get my hands on (again, in the Resources section).

And after reading all that, I started wondering what would happen if I ate raw dairy, pastured meat and vegetables that only came from the farmers’ market.  I also knew it would effectively force me to eat seasonally, which was something else that I’d been thinking about trying.  (And let’s be honest: I live in Southern California, so my winter vegetables are fairly abundant.  I’m not sure I would have taken this on if I lived in a place that snows all winter.)  And in a nod to “Operation Normal,” I figured I’d shoot for eating that way 80% of the time, in order to preserve my sanity.  (So I still have the occasional Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for dinner!)

What I’m hoping to accomplish:
I want to see if my health improves.
I want to see if eating more “whole” food lessens my impulses to binge.
I want to see if my weight stabilizes at a lower range.  (It may not, and I’m learning to be ok with that, too.)
I want to see what other changes I end up making in my diet due to this project – probably changes that I can’t even see, now.

What are the “rules?”
Well, first off, as part of my “don’t be crazy” efforts, there are no rules; only guidelines. 😉
The first guideline is that all guidelines are subject to change as circumstances dictate.
Beyond that . . .
Produce from the farmers’ market, as much as possible.
Meat, (raw) dairy and poultry from pastured animals.*
I won’t beat myself up for “slipping.”  (This one’s imperative.)
For items that I can’t get from the farmers’ market, or on days when I can’t get TO the farmers’ market, I’ll try and stick to local and/or organic everything as much as possible. 
*The pastured animal thing can be tough, but the more I read, the more I think this might be the most important thing, both for health reasons and for animal welfare.  Even in restaurants, I can order a burger and have them leave the meat off, so I’m aiming for total compliance on this one – although again, no beating myself up if I forget (especially in the beginning of the project).

One more thing: I feel the need to be clear right up front that this is not meant to be a dissertation on what anyone else should do.  Based on my reading, my geographic location and my income level, I don’t feel that *I* can continue purchasing food as I have been in good conscience, but I recognize that I have a lot of resources that others don’t.  If I were trying to feed myself and 3 kids on my current income, I would not be able to do this, and this is not a place where I will expound about how people who take the bus to their 2 full-time jobs while trying to support a family should “just grow their own vegetables if they can’t afford organic.”  (Really, I’ve heard people say things like that and it just makes me angry.)  This is my experiment on myself.

So!  I’m super-excited to see how this all turns out!!


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