Shopping at the Farmers’ Market: Week 9

Well, this weekend, to make up for the hail last weekend, it was 80 degrees Farenheit, and people were out in FORCE.  It was totally packed at my market on Saturday. 

I picked up a few things, but also knew I still had some stuff at home.  So my “cart” looked like this:

Eggs, 1 doz @ $2.25
Onions, 2 lbs for $4 total
Artichokes, 2 LARGE ones for $6 total
Apples @ $3/lb = $3.50

And that was it.  I had some pasta still leftover from last week, and I decided to roast that half a chicken and the potatoes (Wednesday’s recipe).  I’ll steam the artichokes and probably eat one of those for lunch with a little mayonnaise (homemade, and I think I finally figured out a recipe that I like, so I’ll share that soon). 

I’ve got a little celery left at home, and might try making a salad with celery and sweet onions.  I saw a recipe for it, and I’m thinking I’ll alter it and see what happens.  I’m not at ALL sure about the raw onions, but maybe if I soaked them first to take out some of the bite . . . ?

And I still have those darn radishes, so I’ll fix those, too.  Also, remember all that chard I bought?  I saved the stems.  Apparently you can make salad with them, so I’m going to mess with that, and I’ll let you know what happens.  (I’m highly dubious about this one, but since I would have thrown the stems out anyway, I figure there’s nothing to lose, right?  Well, maybe a little dressing, but other than that, nothing.  ;D)

I did buckle yesterday and buy some sugared creamer, though (from the regular grocery, obviously).  Every once in a while my sweet tooth rears its head (at least once a month!), and I want some freakin’ sugar.  So that’s stashed in the back of the fridge, and I’ll end up using the half-and-half (organic, not raw) for something else.  Maybe I’ll make Onion Pie . . .


2 responses to this post.

  1. I’m seriously jealous. I have been going through the eggs. 4 a day just for me means we’re buying almost 3 dozen, but TJ’s is cheaper than our farmers market.


  2. Holy cow. Mom is talking about coming up once a month; maybe you should send $$ with her and stock up!! Because yeah, at 3 dozen a week, those things get pricey.


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