Shopping at the Farmers’ Market: Week 7

You know, titling these Monday posts by week seemed like a way better idea back when I didn’t have to go scrolling through old posts to figure out what freakin’ week  I was on.  (I’m not changing it – just complaining.  ;))

I only picked up a couple of things this week because I still had a ton of food left over from last week.  Why, you ask?  Well, mostly because I didn’t feel like cooking. But that led to an interesting discovery/revelation this week, which is: if I don’t cook, I don’t eat.  Now that I’ve cleaned out most of my fridge and some of my cupboards; now that there isn’t anything left in the freezer that’s premade; now that I can’t just open a can of soup and call it a day – if I don’t cook, I DON’T EAT.  And last Saturday and Sunday I ate the last of the frozen diet dinners from the freezer, and I didn’t cook, because I didn’t feel like it.  And Monday I had a bad day, got home, opened the refrigerator and realized that there was really NO FOOD.  There were plenty of INGREDIENTS, but no FOOD, if that makes sense.  So I ate Top Ramen (don’t judge!). 

And over the course of the week, I noticed something else: after eating those diet dinners and after eating the ramen soup, I didn’t WANT real food.  I just wanted to eat cookies and toast and chips and pasta and salt and bacon and chocolate and cake andandand . . . Even when I wasn’t hungry, I just wanted to EAT.   I’d just finished The End of Overeating, by Dr. David Kessler, which talked about the food industry and what gets added to our food in order to activate the right hormones in our brains to encourage us to keep eating (the term is “craveability”), and I had to wonder if that was part of what was going on here.  I hadn’t been feeling that overwhelming impulse to eat when I wasn’t hungry, but after those frozen dinners, I couldn’t think about anything else.  A couple of nights I went to bed without dinner at all, because all I wanted was ramen soup (for the salt) and after 2 nights of that, I frankly didn’t want to keep eating that much junk food. 

So.  All that to say that the list this week was short, short, short:
1 doz eggs: $2.25
1 lb ground beef (for the freezer – I just like to have it on hand): $6.50
2 jars fermented sauerkraut (1 garlic, 1 “regular”): $20

And that was  it for the week.  But I still have some vegetables from last week, and a couple of recipes: one came out pretty good, and one came out AMAZING.  So I’ll post those later this week!


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