Shopping at the Farmers’ Market – Week 4

Week 4!  That’s almost a month!  (Ok, not QUITE, since I started counting at the beginning of the first week.  But it’s getting there!)

This week I picked up some extra stuff at Trader Joe’s, as well as the Market.  I needed some half-and-half (and raw cream is about $10 for a pint – and it only keeps about a week!!!), and some mushrooms, which are $10/lb at the Market, or $4 for 1 1/2 lbs at TJ’s.  I was a little broke this week, so I went with Trader’s.

So the breakdown is 2-part this week – some stuff at the Market, some stuff at Trader Joe’s:
Onions (yellow) – 2 lbs/$2
Pastured Eggs (I almost always need eggs – I go through a lot of them) – 1 doz @ $2.25
Sourdough Bread – 1 loaf/$4
Fermented Sauerkraut – 1 jar/$10
Broccoli and Fennel – approx. 4 lbs/$6.50 (they were both $1.50/lb, and they were weighed together, so I’m not actually sure how much each was individually.)

Trader Joe’s:
White mushrooms (sliced) – 10 oz./$2
Cemini mushrooms (sliced) – 10 oz./$2.29
Half and half (Ummmm . . . $2?  Or so?)
Unpasteurized orange juice – half gallon/$5.50 (I know, I KNOW – it’s crazy-expensive, but I don’t buy it that often.)
Raw cheese (Gruyere) – 8 oz./$7
Salami – 1 lb/$4 (this wasn’t part of the plan, and I almost didn’t buy it: “Sad Pig,” and all that.  But I buckled under the allure of encased meats.  Yeah, go ahead and snicker about that phrase.  I’ll wait.  ;))

Ok.  So here’s the plan: eggs and bread are, as always, to make egg salad on toast for breakfast.  (I’ve been playing around with making my own mayonnaise, too.  I’ll post a recipe as soon as I have one I like.) 

I’m going to sautee the onions with the fennel – I’ll probably carmelize the onions, so I have NO IDEA what will happen to the fennel when it’s cooked like that – guess I’ll find out! 

The sauerkraut I’ll intend to include in a dish, but will inevitably end up eating straight from the jar in great, greedy spoonfuls as an after-work/before-dinner snack.  (What?  I might as well be honest.) 

The broccoli and salami will become a salad!  Mostly broccoli, with a little salami for flavoring and some sort of creamy Italian dressing that I have yet to devise.  (I’ll probably eat some of the salami with cheese as a snack, too.  At least until I decide that eating that much salami is not good for me, and stash the remainder of the package in the freezer.)

That half-and-half was mainly for coffee, frankly.  (Which is why I need it to last longer than a week!)

The mushrooms and cheese are for a SECRET DISH that I’m really excited about!!!  With garlic and butter and more carmelized onions and some of the (pastured) ground beef that I bought a week or two ago.  (Yes, I can tell you all that and STILL call it a secret.)  And possibly other ingredients yet to be determined.  I haven’t . . . er . . . determined them, yet.

Geez.  I just looked at all that.  I wonder if I bought too much food this week?  I’ve noticed that sometimes I do that, especially now that I’m trying to cook by the seat of my pants.  (Um, so to speak.  That’s kind of a gross metaphor, actually.  :P)  But without knowing ahead of time that “I need 1/2 cup of half-and-half and 4 oz cheese and 2 cans of tomatoes . . . ” I do find that I tend to overbuy.  I’m working on it, but it’s an interesting thing to be aware of.  If I figure out where it comes from, I’ll let you know.  😉


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