Shopping at the Farmers’ Market – Week 3

Well, I made it halfway through the first month!  I’ve definitely noticed an impact on my cooking methods: I can’t really open a book, find a recipe and go out and grab the ingredients, since I don’t have any guarantee that the ingredients I need will be available.  So I’m flying by the seat of my pants a lot more, which is good!

I’ve also noticed that when the food I’m buying tastes better, I’m less likely to do complicated things to it.  Why chop mushrooms into a casserole when they’re amazing roasted with some olive oil and herbs?  I mean, come on: why hide amazing flavor in something else?

Anyway.  All that is neither here nor there.  But this is what I bought this week:
3 lemons – $1
Red onions (2 lbs) – $2
Apples (4 @ $2.25/lb) – $2.50
Artichokes (3 for $5) – $5
Eggs (1 dozen) – $2.25
Mushrooms (1 lb) – $10 (This one hurt the wallet, I can’t lie.)
Liver (1.7 lbs) and sausages (1/2 lb bratwurst, 1/2 lb kielbasa = 4 sausages) – $26.25 (Yeah.  This one hurt, too!)
TOTAL: $49.00

Ok, this was the most expensive trip so far, mainly because of the mushrooms and the meat.  But I like liver and onions, so I thought I’d stash some of that in the freezer for later, and figured I’d eat the sausages this week.

So here’s the plan: Lemons for general use.  Red onions to bake with butter and herbs (and I’ll eat those alongside the sausages, with some of that sauerkraut I bought last week).  Apples for snacks, artichokes for light meals (a whole artichoke with mayo makes a great lunch!).  Eggs are mainly for egg salad (my staple breakfast) and making mayonnaise.  (Yes, you read that right.  I’m going to start making my own mayo!)  Mushrooms – oh, these were a treat.  I’m going to roast them with olive oil and herbs, and I’m REALLY excited.  🙂  Liver for later, and the sausages I covered above. 

So this week’s menu is:
Fennel salad (recipe on Wednesday!)
Sausage, sauerkraut and roasted onions
Roasted mushrooms (I might add some cheese and a splash of half-and-half to make sauce for vegetables and/or pasta.)
Egg salad (with homemade mayo!) on toast for breakfast
Artichokes for light lunches
Apples for snacking

YUM.  I’m kind of hungry just looking at that!


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Mary Anne in Kentucky on January 24, 2011 at 6:38 am

    “why hide amazing flavor in something else?” Well, sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. But I do think people tend to mess up good food with too many extras.


  2. Welll . . yes. That’s true! I guess I’ve gotten so used to messing up my own food that I’m undergoing a bit of a “Hey! This tastes GOOD!” realization! LOL (Or would that be a RE-realization? Not sure . . . ;))


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